A Tempting Offer… Phase 1

Magic Dragon DAO
2 min readMar 25, 2022

From the dark, the Dragon’s eyes open and it rears its head. “Ah, my faithful legions. As powerful as you may be, you crave sustenance to maintain your search. I have foreseen this. Here…” The Dragon presents a single, shimmering gem. “The first pool.”

A great reward demands an even greater tribute…

Magic Dragon DAO is pleased to announce our Phase 1 staking pool: A Tempting Offer. This pool provides the maximum possible boosts for a single address:

  • 1/1 Legendary Genesis Legion (Dreamwinder)
  • 2x All-Class Genesis Legions
  • 20x T1 Honey Combs & Grins

The combined boost is 1316%, using 2-week locks to optimize for short term liquidity while showcasing the power of a coordinated staking platform. All stakes in the Altar are locked for 15 days, and each day’s deposits are staked in batches. The extra unlock day allows the Altar to batch stakes together with that of others. The Dragon takes a 24.69% share of rewards in return for providing the boosts, using the funds to further grow the DAO treasury and prepare for Phase 2 and beyond. Real-time APYs (net of fees) are calculated and shown in the application. Rewards are claimable at any time.

Overall, the experience is very similar to direct Atlas Mine staking. Stakers who prove their loyalty at the Magic Dragon DAO Altar will be rewarded handsomely by the Dragon with increased boosts and other DAO benefactions.

“The closer you get, the hotter it burns. Now go. And endure.”

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Disclaimer: MDD uses smart contracts underlying the staking pools. While we’ve had two separate peer reviews from independent contract devs, please exercise caution when using the pools and only invest what you can afford to lose. We plan to have formal audits in the near future.